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Before and afterLED Light Therapy
For my very first post, I want to talk about LED light therapy. You may or may not have already heard the hype surrounding this revolutionary new treatment. There’s so much that I want to tell you about it that I find myself unsure of where to begin… so let’s begin with NASA.
NASA have been experimenting with LED for a while now. I love saying that. It just makes it sound important… don’t cha think? Ohhhh NASA… But then you might start to really think about it. What interest does NASA have in beauty therapy? Why would NASA possibly be experimenting with how to make me look younger? Ok, well technically they weren’t. You see, NASA have been doing experiments with growing plants in space. Yes, that’s right, NASA has our backs; when one day we decide it’s time we move to the moon, NASA will already be growing a rainforest paradise… or at least that’s what I imagine all this experimenting is for… but that’s a little off topic. So as these experiments were taking place, the astronauts involved were exposed to the LED light which was being used. Upon returning to Earth, the normal injuries that are involved with being an astronaut took far less to recover from. This realisation that LED had helped in healing and recovery for the astronauts, led to new research and experimentation taking place, this time from a medical and beauty point of view. And thus was born LED light therapy. The science behind it is photosynthesis. Now, remembering back to my grade eight science class, which I’ll admit, is a little bit rusty, photosynthesis is in a very basic nutshell, the process of plants turning light into energy to grow. Now think of the possibility of humans being able to photosynthesize. Imagine if you could lie in the sun and have your body transform the sun’s light into energy for your cells to renew and grow. This is LED.
LED is a completely non-invasive, non-harmful treatment. In fact, there are NO bad side effects! The light is harnessing all the good things that the sun can provide, while taking out all of the bad things, such as UV. The treatment is quick and easy. Just 20 short minutes spent lying under an LED light and you’re on your way to better, brighter, softer, smoother, younger, healthier skin!
I really cannot stress enough how much I’m in love with this treatment. It will make you look at least 10 years younger!
I don’t know if you are aware of this or not, but your skin stops producing collagen and elastin after the age of 25. Sure, you are not going to wake up on your 25th birthday all of a sudden with lined and saggy skin; but this is the beginning of ageing, and no matter who you are, you will start to age from 25. That’s because collagen and elastin are responsible for nice plump, tight, youthful looking skin. When you pinch yourself, and the skin snaps back in place nice and quick, that’s your elastin. As you get older, your skin will slowly lose this, getting saggier. Scary stuff right! But now the good news! LED light therapy actually makes your skin start producing collagen and elastin again! This means, that the treatment actually will turn back time on your skin. It will smooth out wrinkles, it will make your skin firmer, it will make you look young again! But this isn’t the only reason I’m so excited about it! The treatment also heals the skin. That means, wounds will heal faster, scars will disappear, pigmentation will fade, it will even help treat rosacea!
So yesterday I started my first round of LED treatments. The plan is to have two treatments a week for five weeks. On my face I have acne scarring and rosacea. I’ve had both for years, and as such I’m really paranoid about my skin! I wear makeup every day, and truly hate being caught without makeup on. Though my skin has improved unbelievably just by using great skin care alone (don’t worry, we will get to skin care…), I’m over the moon that in 5 short weeks I might be free of my scars, red nose and cheeks. Though you might think me vain, this will change my whole world, just by being able to feel confident to walk down the street makeup free! And that’s why I’m here today. This is going to change my life, and I want it to change yours too! I’ll be posting updates on my progress in the coming weeks, but don’t just take my word for it! Do some research about LED light therapy and start seeing results for yourself!!
I would love to hear any feedback or comments from anyone who has tried the treatment.